The developer has not uploaded a game yet...

Dive in to this game to try Picos cool Moves. You can also play it here on a web browser.  But if you download The game you get Better fps.

Install instructions

just click open on the game and it should just open


Pico-Test.sb3 6 MB


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bruh why delete

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new account i lost the password on the mario the poopy butthole account

awwwwwwwwww man i was need the pico test

can you give us a chromebook version? Here


im fixing the download.

this is not a real game the real game is here link FNF - Pico (test) by ShanSun (

Yeah this is not the real one but did i say that i was ripping off this guy i made this and he made another one.

The other download can't be reached on my chrome book

i can only

i didnt  play it looks like is bad

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ur self sponsoring urself

wait how? because if i did in the past i will delete it.



i don't think I Would not work again..

the other download is for backup

its not

How the hell is it not dumb ass